"I'm not musical, I can't do this ..."

Not so!

"I played years ago, I don't remember anything..."

You're in good company!

adult_hands_on_keyboardThe new buzz in the music community is Recreational Music Making.  This is a new concept in Montana and is meeting with much success! Recreational Music Making (RMM) refers to playing musical instruments in a group without the goals of mastery or performance.

What this is simply saying is that Recreational Music Making is about the experience of making music more than it is about the outcome. Recreational Music Making provides a fun, inclusive musical experience for everyone, and the RMM philosophy emphasizes that over the philosophy of mastering an instrument on one's way towards a performance-based goal.  As adults, we all play for our own reasons and this is a wonderful way to experience music. A background in music is not necessary.adult_hands_on_keyboard

We have classes in the Gallatin Valley that meet weekly just for the fun of making music together.  There is no "right" or "wrong" way to pursue music making-whether it be through Recreational Music Making or through the more traditional approach-RMM simply offers an alternative to those would-be musicians who may prefer to experience making music that doesn't require mastery of a particular instrument, song or method.  There are 4 pianos in the studio that we use to play as a group.  We explore all styles of music and have the unconditional support of the group as we learn.  One of our classes has been together for 4 years!  One gentleman began this adult class after he quit smoking - to keep his hands busy!  The commaradarie that develops is beneficial for all!  RMM is:

about inspiring extraordinary life.
about exceptional support and personal experience.
about giving you permission to play and enjoy it your way.

The best RMM facilitators are MORE than just talented musicians, They are caring, compassionate coaches and intuitive musical guides. Contact the studio today if you would like more information.

Here's what others are saying:

"I really have had fun learning new music and having the support of others who make mistakes too!"

"...having this group to come play music with is the highlight of my week."

Please contact the studio for more information.  We'd love to help you on your journey!